Escape API

With everyone in lock-down due to Covid-19, it is not possible to play something which has become very popular in recent years: escape room games.

I decided to mix work and pleasure (not like that!) to create a virtual escape room. It’s not just virtual, it’s meta. Everything is API calls. Starting with a single endpoint you have to browse a room and it’s objects, look for further endpoints and carry out actions that affect the game.

JSON response representing the objects within the reception area of the game

Just like a regular escape game there is a story line and a time limit of an hour (although you are still able to continue if you run out of time).

Can you complete the mission? Play Escape API now for free!

6 thoughts on “Escape API

  1. Hi Ben, i would like try your game, but how does the POST work, could you add an example call and body in your explanation please, without it, it is hard to figure out how to manage this, please.


    1. Hi, I have added an additional page which may help explain how you find the available endpoints which you can POST to. There is an example of how you know what the JSON body should look like as each endpoint is different. Let me know if it is still not clear.


  2. Hello Ben, just discovering your post. Is it still available or not ? I receive a 404 page.
    Thanks for the presentation


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